Often times in life we become self absorbed and forget about the others. Sometimes it takes a simple reminder that there are children and their families in desperate need. The efforts of Brandon Tosti and his team at Sports for a Cause fill a large void in New Orleans, repairing of playgrounds and facilities at schools so that children and young adults in need can finally bond again. I hope everyone else who learns about this important cause can find the time to lend a hand in any way – donate equipment, connect a sponsor, or go to New Orleans and help rebuild! – Mike Downey, Sportsvite

Sports for a Cause is a great opportunity for people to join forces and get involved with the rebuilding of a community in need.
I love knowing the donation of time, money or product is going towards the growth and opportunity for the young kids of New Orleans. – Jamie Norwood, Denver

It gives me great joy to express the impact you and your volunteers had on bringing us to the threshold of providing a safe environment for the youth our community to play basketball and other interactive sports.The members are excited about seeing the dream become a
reality. We cannot thank Sports for a Cause enough for the giving of themselves sacrificially,and for allowing themselves to be a great blessing to our church and local community,especially the youth who so need our facilities. May God continue to bless the work He has given for you and family and volunteers to do.
Pastor Don Nicholas
Hope United Baptist Church